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Inkplate 6's bigger and better brother is coming to town.

A little less than a year since we've launched our Inkplate 6, the team at has another surprise for the world: The brand new Inkplate 10 is here! We've been working diligently to improve the Inkplate 6 and address the core issue that many of our backers had with the Inkplate 6: not enough screen space. Inkplate 10 s prikazom broda u crno-bijeloj boji The upcoming Inkplate 10 is nothing short of a work of art -- and engineering of course. The Inkplate has one of the largest and fastest 10" e-paper displays on the market controlled by the EPS32 microcontroller. Having a crisp display and one of the fastest refresh rates means that the Inkplate 10 can not only be used as a traditional display but also much more. The Inkplate is used in various weather stations, as an information board, like a typewriter, as an e-reader and much more. Basically, wherever there is a need for a low-power, high-resolution display, the Inkplate can most certainly be used. The development of the Inkplate 10 had versatility and customisation in mind -- it is created for makers by makers. The Inkplate 10 supports Arduino, MicroPython and ESP-IDF, and the documentation that will be shipped with the Inkplate will make the Inkplate the perfect first project for the most absolute of beginners. Not only that, the Inkplate is meant for experts as well. Inkplate prikazuje Inkplate What's next for us? We are still polishing the Inkplate's design and making sure that everything works perfectly. We're still receiving feedback from the people who bought the Inkplate 6 and the production lines are slowly starting to warm up. However, we are looking to make the Inkplate 10 garner more international attention, which is why we are starting another Crowd Supply campaign aimed at gathering everyone who has a remote interest in e-paper technology. Osobe pregledavaju podatke na Inkplateu If you would like to know more about the Inkplate, including its technical specifications, we recommend visiting our Crowd Supply campaign page. While you're there, you can subscribe to the mailing list so that you can immediately receive information about the Inkplate.