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e-radionica started in 2012 as a company which provided custom LED lighting setups. As time passed, we noticed that we are not the only ones who wanted to do custom things with electronics - so we created our first microcontroller board which we named CROduino Basic. It is Arduino compatible, fully open-source and Made in Croatia. As feedback was awesome, we created derivations of that board: Croduino Pico, Damba, Basic2, NOVA, miniNOVA, Bandit the Racoon... Nowadays, we offer a lot of different sensors and actuators for our boards. Aside from product offer, we have tutorials and manuals how to use our them with pictures and code examples, as well as examples of how to use in projects. We also offer customer and technical support for all our product, no matter bought directly from us or from our distributors.
We love to see our customers successfully using our products in their projects!
  • Open source hardware(OSH) and software
  • Designed and produced by professionals in Croatia, EU
  • Using only original parts
  • CE, ROHS
  • Croduino Basic
  • Rineo kontroler rasvjete slika

    Croduino is a series of Arduino compatible electronic boards designed and produced in Croatia, EU. With different design from classic Arduino boards, it gives chance to experiment in design. Not only design is different, we have applied some of our ideas into new creative products such as Croduino Damba which offer new ways to interact with electronics. We will continue our development of Croduino series in two ways: educational for schools and colleges and industrial for automatization.


    Aside from standard offer on our webshop, we are able to advice, design, source and manufacture electronic projects. You come to us with an idea and requirements and we can provide finished electronic boards doing what you asked for. We are educated and experienced enough to operate in many different areas. These are examples of projects we already did: custom lighting controllers, automatization of manufature processes,  sensor networks connected to the internet, access control configurable via internet in live-mode, other simple electronic boards...


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 Interested in stocking us? Feel free to contact us on retail@e-radionica.com
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    Like us on Facebook just to keep up with us - we post many interesting things related to our products, current sales, projects, manufacturing info, creative ideas etc. You can also post on our wall or contact us via message for direct communication.


    Videos always say so much more than plain text. Check our Vimeo page for video tutorials about Croduino series and project ideas to do with our products. You might also find some videos from events there. 


    Since we support Open Source (Hardware and Software), we gladly share all our code with you. Check our translated libraryes and sketches for Arduino, download and use them, or fork them and help us share better code. Visit us on Github!