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Add Inkplate 6 board definition to Arduino IDE

Your Inkplate 6 has finally arrived and it is time to make that project? This is the right tutorial for you! Find out how to "insert" options necessary for Inkplate 6 in your Arduino IDE and start programming!

How to program Inkplate 6 from Arduino IDE?

STEP 1: It is certain that we first have to install Arduino IDE (software). If you have not done it by now, find the instructions here. It's best to install the latest Arduino IDE. If you have the old version, uninstall it and install the new one following these instructions.
Next step, if you do not have the drivers for CH340, install them. The instructions are here.
STEP 2: Open Arduino IDE. Go to File->Preferences on Windows, and on OS X go to Arduino->Preferences. You will see a field Additional Boards Manager URLs. Copy the following text there: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/e-radionicacom/Croduino-Board-Definitions-for-Arduino-IDE/master/package_Croduino_Boards_index.json

Confirm with OK.
STEP 3: Go to Tools->Boards->Boards Manager.
Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 20.03.25 copy
STEP 4: In new window, enter "Inkplate" into search field. One option will appear, select "Install" next to it.

STEP 5: The process itself does not last long, and after it is done, you can close Boards manager. Now, under Tools->Board you have some new options. Select Inkplate 6(ESP32).

STEP 5: Select the appropriate Port and you are ready! Don't forget to install drivers, if you already didn't.
STEP 6: You will need to equip yourself with Arduino library as well. Find it here!

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