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Built-in digital voltmeter, 4.5VDC - 30VDC


This digital voltmeter contains a microcontroller that will read the voltage, compare it with a stable reference, and display the voltage with precision. It works at 4.5VDC and up to 30VDC. It is protected against reverse polarity, which means that this digital voltmeter is great for any project.


The digital voltmeter displays the voltage that is connected to it with large 7-segment characters. The display contains three figures and measures up to 30VDC with a precision of 1%. This device is designed to be assembled in a housing or onto a panel.


• Display characters - height: 0,560 "(14,20 mm)
• Display type: LED - green characters
• Measuring range: 4,5VDC ~ 30VDC
• Type: built-in
• Number of characters in a row: 3
• Board cutout dimensions: Rectangular - 45.50mm x 26.50mm
• Connector style: 2 wires, red(+) and black (-)
• Wire length: 13 cm
• Type: Voltmeter
• Refresh interval: 300ms
• Input impendance: >100 kOhm
• Operating temperature: From -10° to 65°
Voltmeter consumption: (green:<18mA)


This voltmeter is connected just like any other voltmeter in the instrument, in parallel to the circuit on which we want to measure the voltage.

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