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Disabling "Driver Signature" for Windows 8


Drivers are part of the code that allows the communication of two electronic devices. For example, the monitor you are currently looking at has its own driver and use it for communication with PC. Each device you connect to a computer must have their own drivers, some of them are integrated into the PC, while some have to be installed on their own.

In previous versions of Windows OS, this process is very simple, while in Windows 8, it is more complicated. Especially when it comes to unsigned drivers, this is particularly true for the Croduino or Arduino devices. Additional steps are in this tutorial, so let's get going!

What to do?

1. Hold Windows button, then press C key (on the keyboard), to open Charm menu. Click on "Settings", cogwheel which appeared in the right bottom of the screen.


2. Click on "Change PC Settings"


3. Click on "General", then "Restart now", which is under "Advanced startup". If you are using Windows 8.1 version, please follow "PC Settings - Update & Recovery - Recovery".


4. After the reset, click on "Troubleshoot".


5. "Advanced options"


6. "Startup Settings"


7. "Restart"


8. After the OS restarted for the second time, press key "7" to "Disable driver signature enforcement". PC will restart.


9. After the restart, you will be able to install drivers. Windows will give you a warning while driver installation, in that case, choose "Install this driver software anyway".


FTDI driver installation

Finally, we can install required drivers for Croduino. Follow FTDI driver installation for Windows 7 for correct installation. We suggest installing Arduino IDE before.

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