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e-radionica.com 3D printing filament

e-radionica.com is not just a bunch of electronic geeks who love hardware, we are makers! And just like real makers, we appreciate and love everything that involves doing or improving things using our own work. So how could we stand and watch what is happening with 3D printers? Of course, we have fallen in love with 3D print and we present you, our own e-radionica.com 3D printing filament.



About the filament

e-radionica.com 3D printing filament is created with the aim to be affordable, but of very good quality. It is simply the best price/quality ratio you can find in Croatia. It allows printing of your models without fear of problems during printing, and the material quality ensures long-lasting and mechanical accuracy of the printed models. It is manufactured in the EU. Pictures are worth a thousand words.






Materials, colors and prices

The filament, at this moment, comes in 3 types of material:
PLA - the simplest print material for each printer, of decent solidity. It will be sufficient for most of what the users want to make and they will never have to use different materials.
PETG -  high solidity material, but slightly harder to print than the PLA. Requires higher temperatures print and heated bed helps a lot.
HIPS - flexible material which provides elastic prints.
SPECIAL - interesting and different filaments, mostly based on the PLA, easy to print, with interesting effects.

The number of colors in which the filaments come are numerous, and you can find them all in our web shop.

Filament itself is very affordable, thus the PLA of 1kg costs 149,00 kn. The same goes for the PETG and HIPS, while SPECIAL filaments cost a bit more, 219,00 kn for 1kg.

Examples of print

We have printed out a few trial prints of the probably most popular 3D model in the world, 3DBenchy.


Want to find out yourselves?

Of course! Contact us at kontakt@e-radionica.com and we will send you a free sample of our filament so you could test its quality yourself.

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