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The dealer is TAVU d.o.o., Reisnerova ulica 100, 31000 Osijek, OIB: 83100237288, EU VAT ID: HR83200237288 which operates under the commercial name, later in the text "e-workshops".

The merchant's web site is the web site where the web shop is located and other content (text, images, video, code, etc.) and is located at and https: //www.e

Buyer is the webshop visitor who puts at least one item in the cart, fills his / her data, pay or arranges a payment and creates an order. The buyer only orders the use of the webshop. Goods are considered ordered by finalizing order at the web site.

The pictures and descriptions that are on the product creation pages are employees of e-workshops. For the sake of good economic practice, all the pictures and descriptions are current and accurate. Unfortunately, we can not guarantee that they are exactly the same and we reserve the right to make mistakes in the images and description of the product. Please note that such things are rare because all the contents of the e-workshops are created.

Prices, delivery terms, delivery terms, payment terms, promotional offers, or other content related to the order only at the time of order and we reserve the right to change them without prior notice.

The purchase currency is the one that is selected in the upper right corner under "Currency", and the actual bill will be made in Croatia Kuna (HRK). For more details on this, read our Conversion Statement.

All prominent prices on the site are VAT (25%). You can see the prices on the base and the tax on the products in the basket on the shopping cart.

The retailer is committed to maintain a high-quality web site at a high level by ensuring a good connection to the head office. We are not responsible for the quality of the pages from which you come to our site or for the quality of the Internet connection that the customer accesses.

All photograph and picture do not need to match the looks of the products that will be delivered. invests a lot of time and effort in order for pictures to match the real looks of the product, but at the same time can not guarantee it.


The e-Workshop will meet the delivery and delivery requirements listed on each product page in the "Shipping and Payment" section and on the FAQ page in the "Shipping and Payment" section,

Working days of e-workshops are defined by internal agreement and apart from state holidays and holidays, they may include other days.


The e-workshop offers you the payment methods listed on each product page under "Shipping and Payment" and on the FAQ page under "Shipping and Payment" section. We can disable this information and payment methods without prior notice.


The products are ordered through the cart and are irrevocable. In the event that the trader is unable to deliver the product because the ordered product is not in stock or can not be ordered from the supplier, the trader will inform the customer in writing that he can cancel the order or possibly accept a new delivery deadline. If the buyer decides to cancel the order, the merchant will return the money back to the buyer as soon as possible, but not later than 30 days after the delay has occurred. If the buyer refuses to receive the correct and undamaged goods he has ordered, the trader has the right to demand from the customer the reimbursement of all manipulative delivery costs.


The e-Workshop provides user registration services to our site for easier shopping, so the user gets user account information - username and password. The user is required to keep account data and is fully responsible for any damage caused by unauthorized use of his account. By ending the registration, the user accepts responsibility for all activities caused by the use of the service.


You can read the terms and conditions of replacement and return of items in the same section on the FAQ page.


All texts of this published image are the intellectual property of an e-Workshop and are not permitted to be used for commercial purposes (except distributors). For noncommercial purposes (those from which no profit is left) we are allowed to use our text, images and videos with the mandatory reference of "" as a source of content. For this, CC BY-NC-SA (except for distributors) is valid.


NOTE - AS IS: All projects, tutorials, pictures, instructions and all other content are created on our side. It has worked and succeeded in the way it is described, which does not mean that you will. We are not responsible for any consequences that may arise as a result of using our products, articles, whales, projects, tutorials, tracking of our instructions, or using any other content published here. We just give up all responses - you are responsible for what you are doing and you are responsible for what you are willing to follow and use our instructions and information for specific purposes.


In the case of a dispute between a consumer and a trader, a complaint can be made to the Court of Honor of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, the Court of Honor of the Croatian Chamber of Crafts or a proposal for conciliation to the Settlement Center. Any dispute between the trader and the consumer will be resolved by agreement and by peaceful means, otherwise the Court of Osijek has jurisdiction.


Form of the company / organization: limited liability company (d.o.o.)
Full name with address: TAVU Limited Liability Company for the Design and Development of Electronic Boards, Reisnerova ulica 100, 31000 Osijek, Croatia
OIB: 83200237288
Bank account: RBA bank, current IBAN listed on the FAQ page
Contact mobile: 0977447744
Email contact:

Written complaints consumers can send can send to the email address or physical address listed above with the note "PRIGOVOR".

By purchasing a buyer and browsing the site, the visitor of this site accepts the terms of use, agrees with the privacy policy and product return policy, and with the conversion statement, and fully understands them.